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Members: 12 Upwards
What do they do ? Process, stand still, wear glasses
Instruments :
Saxaphones,Trombones, Clarinets, Piano Accordians,

Various bits of skin and metal

What do they play:
Kiss me Honey

Begin the Biguine

Various other self penned dance classics

Gigs in 1997: Accrington Carnival

Bradford Carnival

Burnley Markets

Burnley King Cotton Pageant

Opening of the M65, Blackburn

Multi Racial Music Weekend -

Audley Community Centre, Blackburn

Blackburn Town Centre

Heart Disease Awareness Day

Lantern Procession - Ulverston

Morcambe Street Band Festival

Home made, to suit any occasion and weather conditions.

Pink shoes, outlandish headgear, interesting waist coats and

ill fitting vests

Michael Fenton - Day 01772 261799

Eve 01254 262683

Mobile 0498 781423

Lynn Monk - 01254 232539

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